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Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Callaway teamed up with Lamborghini (quality car manufacturer) to create a golf club driver that is superb. The confidence golfers enjoy with this club is evident in the reviews. The new material that Callaway and Lamborghini created to construct this driver is called Forged Composite. It is located in the crown and the sole of the golf club.

The design of the driver allows a player to control the club in a way that has not existed before. The Forged Composite material tends to be stronger and lighter than titanium so that it can provide superb ball control. Also the majority of manufacturers adhere to longer shaft configurations today; however, Callaway went a step beyond by pairing the new material with a 46 shaft that is ultra light. The ultra light shaft and the extremely light club head are a winning combination.

In times past, the standard shaft measured 44 inches long, before it was bumped up to 45 inches long. When standard shafts went to 46 inches long, the majority of mid to high range handicappers struggled with controlling the shot shape of their ball and begin to lose control of the golf club. Callaway addresses this longer shaft problem by using lighter materials that are easier to control.


The Benefits of the RAZR Hawk Driver

  • Advanced technology using Forged Composite material
  • 23 million carbon-fibers reinforce the club head
  • Hyperbolic Face Technology to improve ball impact on the club face
  • Ultra light shaft
  • Ultra light, aerodynamic head shape
  • Large head size - 460cc
  • Stronger and lighter than titanium
  • Spincast-nickle rear-weight pad and thin aluminum skid plate on sole to help straighten miss hits
  • Aldila RIP Graphite Shaft
  • Chemically-milled titanium cupface (improves face flexibility on off-center hits)

Two Models of the RAZR Hawk

There are two models with this club, the non-tour and tour.

Non-tour Head Features

  • Neutral bias or draw bias available
  • Neutral-biased - Offset hosel to square the clubface on impact
  • Draw-biased - One degree closed

Tour Head Features

  • One degree open
  • Silver metal, light hosel
  • Head 450cc
  • Looks like a traditional hosel golf club

What the Reviewers Say

Those who took time off the course to write a review gave this driver an ecstatic thumbs-up. One reviewer claims that on the course, "It's a cannon; the 10.5 degree gives me a high drawing ball that carries a long way, then hits the ground running." Another reviewer states that his fellow golfers say he is hitting the ball 25-30 yards further. Another golfer comments that players with a faster swing will benefit from choosing a stiffer shaft and concludes that the club has great control as well.

Overall Opinion of Golfers

  • Accurate
  • Solid feel
  • Good grip
  • Easy to hit
  • Forgiving

None of the reviewers had anything negative to say about this driver.

101 Country Club Dr, Monte Vista, CO 81144 / 719-852-4906