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Cobra S3 Driver Review

When it comes to drivers, every golf player looks for the one that looks amazing, sounds the best, and of course, goes the farthest. After all, you can use a driver about 4-14 times in a round, so it’s a nice idea to make each of your shots right.

Speaking of golf drivers, the Cobra S3 Driver continues to grow in popularity among beginning and professional golfers? The latest offerings of Cobra involve adjustability and unique technology.

So, if you are interested in this driver, then keeping reading this Cobra S3 Driver review.

Cobra S3 Driver Overview

Being the replacement of the Cobra S2 model, the Cobra S3 Driver features the latest E9 Face technology. This technology made elliptical and taller shaped face possible. According to the manufacturer, the impact pattern is effective in increasing the ball speed where you hit most. Plus, its clubface is 30% larger than its predecessor, and it favors shots coming from heel bottom up to the top toe.

Based on the test that we conducted, this driver felt more forgiving than the S2 model. We also find it comfortable. With its great look, it will appeal to golfers of all levels. While the head comes with a rounded shape, it stretches or skews unlike other modern drivers. Both the feel and sound of this driver are very solid.

The Look

Because of weight positioning and strategic design, the Cobra S3 looks smaller. Instead of blindly swinging at the ball, this golf club requires you to do a controlled, consistent swing on the ball.

The traditional color of drivers is matte black, but Cobra S3 Driver is almost metal gray. Once the sun hits it, you will see some sparkle to it. You will find the alignment aid straightforward yet effective.

The Hosel

The hosel will fit the world of adjustability, and it matches the head and shaft profile, almost comparable to most tour-level drivers. As it creates a sleek profile, you can be confident with every shot you make.

Meanwhile, the Cobra S3 Driver promotes in-tempo and smooth swing, as well as improved consistency in ball striking department. Using this driver, you will be rewarded with incredible results.

The Technology

The Cobra S3 Driver offers the latest beveled perimeter that reduced the face’s overall thickness. As for the weight saved, it was placed into the club’s lower rear. That is to increase the MOI factor. As a result, this driver comes with well-improved accuracy and distance. This golf driver is specifically designed and built to give golfers increased forgiveness, accuracy, and distance.

One of the interesting things about the S3 model is that it can give you only three different ways on how to adjust a club rather than overwhelming options. All you need to do is to keep in mind closed, neutral, and open.

The Performance

If you are looking for a stealthy performer, the Cobra S3 is the perfect driver for you. Since it is not the longest driver, the shaftless likely to load your swing, the face does not feel hot, the S3 offers an impressive consistency.

The Cobra S3 Driver will give you a very tight shot dispersion. This driver also offers great accuracy while adding a different level of performance and forgiveness.


  • It creates a 30% larger sweet spot area
  • It optimizes ball forgiveness and speed
  • The offset design promotes draw-biased and high flight
  • Top performer for reliable distance, forgiveness, and accuracy
  • The slicer can pick up 5-10 yards
  • Great slice correction
  • No harsh vibrations
  • Stable head through impact
  • Straight, high ball flight
  • The alignment is straightforward and effective
  • Consistent straight hitter
  • Generous amount of accuracy and forgiveness
  • Balanced and sturdy head


  • Not too springy and lively feel
  • The snap-hook occasionally crops up
  • No changes in feel when it comes to the center and off-center


The quality of the driver can affect the overall game. So, it’s essential to choose the one that matches your gaming style and needs. The Cobra S3 Driver offers a great look and performance. While it offers a penetrating ball flight combined with great distance, it does not sacrifice performance. Besides, it boasts the latest E9 Face technology that promises taller and oval-shaped faces for improved speed.

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